2006-11-28 Costin Stroie <>
  • version 0.3.1 released
2006-08-27 Stephen Doonan <>
  • improved the PADDING adjustment
2006-08-21 Costin Stroie <>
  • added support for forcing the file extension lowercase or uppercase
2006-08-16 Costin Stroie <>
  • version 0.3 released
  • new email address and SourceForge user id
  • added support for moving files
  • padding is automatically adjusted to fit the largest counter value
  • default padding is one character long
  • fixed a bug where a non-ascii character would have been prepended to counter, if the the length of the counter string was greater than the one of the padding string
2004-10-01 Costin Stroie <>
  • bugfix: verbosly display padding string works ok now
2004-09-18 Costin Stroie <>
  • files to rename may be specified to the command line
  • basic filename expansion may be used when specifing files (such as *.jpg)
  • more detailed operation when verbose mode is used
  • added hardcoded program description (description is shown when verbose)
  • filename expression may be omitted, assuming all the files in the current directory
  • new Changelog format
  • bugfix: when searching for an available filename, the first one found is ignored
2004-05-09 Costin Stroie <>
  • Initial release - v0.1