BatRen is an automatic file rename tool. The main goal is to provide a simple way to batch renaming collections of files, such as photo collections. It accepts prefixing/suffixing, start index value and counter padding formats.

If the output file already exists, the counter is increased until an unused filename is found. The file can be copied or moved to its destination.


2006-11-28 v0.3.1
Version 0.3.1 was released. Improved the padding adjustment and added support for changing the extention to uppercase or lowercase.
2006-08-16 v0.3
Version 0.3 was released. Fixed one bug in output file renaming and added support for file moving and automatically padding adjustments.
2004-09-18 v0.2
Version 0.2 was released. Many new additions and one bug fixed.
2004-05-09 v0.1
BatRen developing has started.


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